João Ribeiro


Hello, my name is João Pedro!

The adventurous spirit and the passion for nature adventure were always present in my life. From my childhood to University, I participate in different adventure activities. I begin in the field of sports playing football and I would switch this for some hiking in the nature or to practice Kayak in water lines.

I finished my academic life and challenged myself to leave Portugal to work in a cruise ship and that allowed me to travel all over the world and experience new experiences and improve my skills. I was flow rider monitor (surf simulator) and did the training to be indoor skydiving instructor (indoor skydiving tunnel).

Back to Portugal, I followed my passion and created Inside Experiences (together with Liliana Pereira) with various activities for which I have been trained and have always maintained contact and passion over the years.

Adventure yourselves and come to explore our experiences!

Feel invited!

Nature makes me feel alive!