Liliana Pereira


Hello, my name is Liliana!

I was born and raised in the peaceful and magnificent city of Amarante, in the north of Portugal. I was a teacher and translator of English and French for some years, and this allows me to speak both languages ​​fluently, having later upgraded my Spanish.

I am passionate about the history, traditions and legends of ancient cities full of secrets to discover.

After working as a translator and teacher, I ventured out and went to work on a cruise ship around the world. So I managed to combine my passion for traveling and talking about travel, with my work.

I love walking in nature and when I put it together with my passion for history, I realize that the city of Amarante was the perfect place to put into practice our new project (together with João Ribeiro).

Because Amarante is our home city where we have grown and experienced many of our memories and this help me to develop this new project.

Come to discover the city of Amarante, a romantic city with a beautiful nature.

I love travel and discover new places